shiny cars & nice guitars

i fell asleep while
playing a song in my head
and i wake up in your car now you're telling me
that im just a friend
i keep on telling you that i am more than that
then you stare at me and smile
and im just lying here in your car
all night

can you sleep well
when you're home alone
and you play my song
i want to be there
just to know
if you can't tell

but when
it feels so weird again
that i know it surrounds
and i know it surrounds
and i know it surrounds me
i can never change that

i wanna do it all right
and i don't need anybody
and when you call me nice
i wanna know the price
cos when you do it all right
you do it for the money
i wanna call you smart
but i just cannot
and when i do it all right
i wanna be (your) somebody
somebody yeah
fuck all the money
and why don't you know if i
feel all these things
we're gonna watch you while
you're gonna stand there and let them


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