i'm alone how will i know when it's gone 
in all over your head and 
you try not to think too much 
when you look inside 
when you feel all right 
and you know it's true 
cos when you think of you 
it makes you so sad 

give me your hand (beautiful you) 
will you be there sparkling shine 
will you leave me all the night 
we're gonna get up 
we're gonna let you drive us so far 

oh my life would be so fine 
if i could stay forever 
and it still doesn't seem so long 
but you still fight 
and we don't play well 
so you feel the whole world 
makes you fall down 

all i wanna feel is peace and quiet 
all i wanna hear is the sound of silence 
all i wanna be is i am 

what's the point of doing that 
a gun can only hurt you if you hold it to your head 

welcome to the other side 
it feels so good if you can find 
and when you know what makes you wonderful 
and when you care about your soul 
that can never get old 

stop talking and be quiet 
start thinking 
let me say that 
because we are more than this 

we are the only cos they didn't find us 
if we are the only we should do it all right now 
if you wanna sink with me get ready to fall 

(oh stop hiding you're fine 
you hold me close 
you hold me tight 
before you go) 

bright side nice shades 
feel fine night fades 
so kind embrace 
bonjour monsieur pai


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